Root Coverage

Post Op Root Care Following Root Coverage

Congratulations! You have finished the first part of having your exposed roots covered. As explained to you prior to the appointment, the success of this procedure will rely heavily on good home care. It is for this reason that these instructions should be followed closely. You will have multiple follow up appointments to help with your recovery.

Care of the mouth
Brushing and flossing – Resume normal brushing and flossing in the areas that were not worked on today. AVOID THE SURGICAL AREA until given specific brushing instructions at your follow up appointment. You may notice a white film over the surgical site – this is completely normal.
Mouthwash – Avoid regular mouth wash such as Listerine or Scope. ONLY use the prescribed rinse as directed beginning the morning after the procedure.
Electronic toothbrushes – DO NOT use electric toothbrushes such as Sonicare or Oral B for 6 weeks after the procedure.
Water Pik – DO NOT use a Water Pik for at least 8 weeks following surgery.

Pain medication – If you were given 800mg Ibuprofen at the time of surgery, non-steroidal medications such as Advil or Aleve aspirin are not to be taken within 6 hours.  If you experience pain prior to this, Tylenol (extra strength or regular or with codeine) can be taken. A prescription for pain will have been provided by your doctor – please follow instructions for them.
Antibiotics – If you were prescribed antibiotics by your Doctor, please be sure to follow instructions and know that you are to complete the full dose.

First 24 hours- adequate nutrition is essential for normal healing. Following surgery, your diet should be restricted to cool foods – yogurt, smoothie, and milkshakes. Dietary supplements such as Instant Breakfast or Ensure are good choices. AVOID PEROXIDE, ALCOHOL, CARBONATED BEVERAGES, AND DRINKING THROUGH A STRAW.
After 24 hours – gradually progress to soft foods such as cooked vegetables, baked fish, tuna, pasta and meatloaf, which are easily chewed and swallowed. DO NOT SKIP MEALS. If you take nourishment regularly, you will feel better, gain strength, have less discomfort and heal faster.

DO NOT SMOKE for 3 weeks after surgery. Smoking is detrimental to healing tissues and will affect the results of surgery.

After 24 hours – You may return to your regular schedule, but avoid strenuous activities such as heavy lifting, jogging, exercise programs, etc. for one week following surgery.
Rest – Plan to rest at home the remainder of the day of surgery. You may read, watch TV or work at your desk at home. When sleeping, elevate your head to decrease swelling.

The Doctor will have told you if your stitches have to be removed or will dissolve, however they will be monitored at each of your follow up appointments.

Ice packs – some swelling occurs after periodontal surgery. To minimize this, you will be advised to use ice packs. Place the ice pack on the outside of your face, over the treated area, for 10 minutes and then take it off for 10 minutes. Continue to apply ice packs as much as possible the first 24 hours after surgery.

Slight bleeding or oozing is normal during the first 1-2 days following surgery. If excessive bleeding occurs, please call our office.

It is our sincere desire that you are as comfortable as possible following surgery. If you should have any questions or problems, please call us anytime at 905-787-8764 or our other offices: Malvern Dental at (416)297-5513 or Nottingham Dental at (905) 427-2027.

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