Same-Day Dental Implants Richmond Hill/Markham

nobelWe Offer Same Day Dental Implants with Teeth-in-an-Hour™: Cutting Edge Technology from Nobel Biocare!

Are you unhappy with your dentures? Do you have missing teeth that you’d like to replace and restore? Are you afraid of getting dental implants because of pain, recovery time, or the major surgery involved? We can help you! Using a brand new, high-tech dental implant procedure, Dr. Randy Singh, Dr. Marty Sekand, Dr. Ken Jandoo or Dr. Steven Schneider can give you hassle-free, same-day, dental implants that look natural and beautiful so you can smile, eat and speak with confidence once again!

implants-newAt Richmond Hill Dental Office, this cutting-edge solution is a great alternative to the lengthy healing time and painful side effects of normal teeth replacement procedures. With computer assistance and precise calculations, we can send you home with a complete set of dental implants that you may even be able to bite on that very same day! Normal dental implant procedures require multiple surgeries over many months, but now we can accomplish the same procedure in a fraction of that time.

With Same-Day Dental Implants, You Can Say Goodbye to…

  • Multiple visits to the dentist’s office for measurements, drilling, and surgeries
  • Months of healing time and associated pain
  • Pain from ill-fitting dentures
  • Problems chewing food
  • Hiding your smile from view
  • Difficulty Speaking

smiling womanAre You A Candidate For Same-Day Dental Implants?

Candidates for same-day dental implants do need to have all extractions and bone grafting done prior to the procedure, and must have sufficient bone quantity and quality to support the prosthesis.

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