What Is Teeth Whitening

How Does It Work?

The Canadian Dental Association and most dentists agree that the natural color of teeth is somewhere in the color spectrum of light grey to greyish yellow. As we age teeth naturally darken and this can be accentuated by the accumulation of surface stains from smoking tobacco products to eating and drinking certain foods and drink. Although teeth are not naturally meant to be completely white, a lot of Canadians want that ultra bright smile.

The result of this demand for “whitening” has allowed for a lot of consumer product options to be made readily available. These products primarily fall into 2 categories; surface whiteners and bleaches. At this point it should be noted that Health Canada views tooth whitening as cosmetic in nature and all claims by consumer products must be accurate so as to not mislead the public.

Surface Whiteners :

The majority of these products use a special abrasive that improves the products ability to remove surface stains.This can include but is not limited to products like chewing gums and toothpastes. However, the results of such whiteners effectiveness has come into question as the special abrasives are just finer versions of what is in common toothpastes to ensure that the likeliness of excessive tooth wear is minimized.

Bleaches :

The majority of teeth bleaching products are peroxide based and the chemical reaction on the tooth can result in a color change. There are a number of bleaching techniques and the Canadian Dental Association recommends that if you are considering this as an option for oooh whitening to speak with your dentist first, especially if you have crowns, fillings or undergoing any other treatments. At home bleaching kits are available at your dentists office and most major retailers, however to ensure that it is being done safely it is recommended to speak with your dentist first.

Before making the decision to whiten your teeth, make sure to seek the advice of your dentist. Teeth whitening is a service that is provided in clinic and a benefit of having this procedure done in clinic is that it is applied by a trained professional. Remember to ask any questions that you may have about the process and Love Your Smile Today.